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Specializes in all Media production including broadcast, corporate and commercial and with over 10 years experience in the field, DMO can help you connect with your audience through our creative video work. Whether you are a professional advertising agency or a company who requires professional advices or services on video productions, DMO is ready to serve.

DMO's expert, professional team of producers, scriptwriters, camera operators, sound technicians, shooting crew, animators, actors/voice talents and editors unite deep and broad production experience with exceptional creative punch. And we deliver video productions for all media, especially TV Commercials (video shoot or animated sound slides, Marketing Videos and Corporate Videos

As 1 of exclusive panel of production houses for Astro 3-Minute Infomercial, carrying the brand The A to Z of Fine Living ( A to Z) DMO had produced numerous episodes of the programme since year 1999.

Digital Media Expertise Delivery of traditional media has changed dramatically. Video is now combined with graphics and animation for TV Commercials, DVD video, Multimedia, and Flash applications. It's no longer a pure linear world where media play from beginning to end. Interactivity is the norm - and DMO has the skill to combine all media into a client-specific package.

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